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Product Positioning with April Dunford, Author of Obv!ously Awesome

April Dunford, product positioning expert, and I dive deep into the craft of product positioning. We cover her book, the role product marketers, can and should play, why positioning statements suck, why great positioning is the underpinning of great marketing ad much more.

B2C Product Marketing with Mike Polner, Global Head of Product Marketing, Uber Eats

A deep dive into B2C Marketing with Global Head of Product Marketing at Uber Eats Mike Polner. Mike's done both B2B and B2C and helps us breakdown what B2B marketers can learn from B2C and much much more.

Messaging with Kevin Garcia, Director of Product Marketing, Segment

Developing great messaging is core product marketing. But it’s really challenging. You need a certain skills to get good at it, you have to learn how to sell your messaging, test it, and build a consistent process to create it. Most people have to write a LOT of bad messaging before they can write good messaging. On this episode we break down the process of messaging with Kevin Garcia, Director of Product Marketing at Segment.

Building a Product Marketing Team with Patrick Cuttica, Director of PMM Sprout Social

Building and scaling a product marketing team as your company grows means constantly reinventing your teams work and yourself. In this episode we talk with Patrick Cuttica, Product Marketing Director at Sprout Social about adapting to growth in product marketing. He also introduced an idea I'm in love with, product marketing as an incubator for marketing at your company. Tune in to hear more.

The Product Marketing Career Path, with Teresa Haun, Director PMM, Zendesk

Navigating and taking control of your career as a pmm is really really important. I LOVE product marketing but growing your career as a PMM can be a struggle. To help us out and really dive into the topic - we’ve got Teresa Haun with us. Teresa is the Director of Product Marketing at Zendesk.

Welcome to the Product Marketing Experts

Intro episode to tell you what The Product Marketing Experts Podcast is all about. Bringing together the best PMMs in the world to talk shop.

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