Consumer Psychology, with Phill Agnew, Director of Product Marketing at Brandwatch

A deep dive into the concepts of consumer psychology and how they can be applied to product marketing. Our guest Phill Agnew believe strongly that marketing shouldn't be so much of an "art" and that we can apply the known science of consumer psychology to our work. And after talking to him a gotta say I agree. It's time for PMMs to go behind gut feel and start using science to build a case for why our work matters so much.
One of the things Alex and I set out to achieve with this podcast, is to champion product marketing. And a huge part of that is not only making product marketing more popular but helping standardize how we work. That's important, being a pmm today is a little to much of an art. Shrouded in mystery. That's a big problem when a CMO is trying to decide what to invest in. Or if you're trying to create repeatable outcomes, or if you're trying to teach the craft to a new hire. All other industries have this. You wouldn't go to a self taught surgeon would you? We have to get better at positioning our selves! And building a common language and laws of product marketing. We should be very well suited for this! 

My guest today believes strongly in this, and has a big idea. What if we already have those laws? A science to apply to product marketing, for the most part we just don’t know about it. Our product marketing expert today is Phill Agnew, Director of Product Marketing at Brandwatch. 

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