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The Journey to IPO with Diego Lomanto, Vice President, Product Marketing at UiPath

Diego is a seasoned product marketer who has taken UiPath from an early stage startup, through IPO, to now a nearly $36 billion automation company. In this episode, we’ll hear about his journey guiding his team of 20 PMMs through each stage leading up to (and following) the IPO, from scaling processes to evolving the business narrative to match each growth stage. You won’t want to miss this season finale!

Building a Customer-Centric Narrative with Alex Gammelgard, Sr. Director Go-To-Market Strategy at ActiveCampaign

Since Alex joined ActiveCampaign as their Senior Director of Go-To-Market, the hypergrowth company has gained 50,000 new customers. At this point, the product story they told their early adopters will not resonate with this new, late-stage majority in the same way. Like any company, even if the product hasn’t changed, the messaging needs to evolve as the customer base evolves. In this episode, Alex will break down how they’ve adapted their customer-centric narrative to keep up with and fuel their continued growth.

Competitive Intelligence with Leah Brite, Head of Product Marketing, Core Product at Gusto

Knowing your competitors is not only important for selling more effectively, but it allows you to verify if you’re achieving differentiation in the market. In this episode, Leah lays out how her team effectively handles the 3 different competitive intelligence programs running at Gusto. She’ll also cover how to enable your internal teams with the information you’re gathering. Because it’s one thing to know the competition, but it’s another thing to actually use that info to implement change within your company.

Partnering with Product with Becky Trevino, Vice President Product Marketing and Operations at Snow Software

Whether your team reports to Marketing or Product Management, it’s important to maintain a balance between your focus on the product and the customer. Too much time on the former and the voice of the customer gets neglected. Too much focus on the latter and you may risk a lack of alignment with the product team. Here to enlighten us on how and when to keep your focus on the right areas, Becky will share her strategy for successful partnership between product management and product marketing.

Owning Pricing with Axel Kirstetter, VP Product Marketing, Content Marketing & Pricing at Datasite

Who should own pricing? Some argue it’s product marketing while others claim it should sit with product or sales. It differs from company-to-company, but with PMMs sitting at the heart of the organization, Axel says it’s a no brainer. After 25 years in the pricing game, he knows a thing or two about how to do it right and what to know before slapping a dollar sign on your company’s product. Tune into this episode to hear what key elements go into pricing from the expert himself.

Developing your PMM Career with Kavya Nath, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Sprinklr

Being an individual contributor versus leading a team entails very different responsibilities. As you grow from one role into the other, what are the things you should be thinking about? Getting in the driver’s seat means having to set attainable goals for your team, help them develop individual skills, and make sure you’re aligned with other parts of the business all at the same time. It may sound like a lot, but Kavya is here to explain how she’s managed the balancing act during her time at Sprinklr.

Establishing Product Marketing with Gregg Miller, Head of Product Marketing at Zapier

Building out the product marketing function can be a daunting task. You have to consider the company’s goals, the needs of your cross functional teams, and the needs of the individuals on your team. Where do you start? How do you ensure you’re continuously empowering your team members while also driving adoption across all parts of the organization? Tune into this episode to hear Gregg break it down for us using what he’s learned while establishing the function at Zapier.

Product Launch Strategy with Grace Kuo, Director of Product Marketing at Udemy

Product marketers are the quarterback of the product launch, but even the best PMMs can’t throw the ball and catch it themselves; it takes a team effort and lots of planning. In this week’s episode, we’ll touch upon the specifics of product launch strategy- how to keep your cross functional teams informed, prioritize over the long term, and bundle launches all while keeping your customer’s perspective at the forefront.

Evolution of the PMM Role with Francis Larkin, VP of Marketing at Clockwise

As your company evolves, so does your role as product marketer. At an early stage startup, your goal is to find product-market fit and distribution channels that will help reach target customers in a sustainable manner. At a late-stage company, your focus steers towards expanding into new markets. And then it varies widely for every stage in between. Tune into this episode where Francis uses his experience to break it down for us and help identify your potential sweet spot.

Managing Stakeholder Relationships with Jasmine Jaume, Director of Product Marketing, Support & Platform at Intercom

Managing people from different teams seems like an impossible task when they don’t even report to you in the first place, but it’s a core requirement for being a successful PMM, and leader. Building trust with internal stakeholders takes time and effort. As an expert in the area, Jasmine says there are a few things to consider that will help get your cross functional teams on the same page (Hint: it takes more than a few coffee-side chats).

How I Positioned That: Ambient Strategy's Founder, April Dunford

Just like a professional violinist playing in a NYC subway station, you could have a million dollar product that receives minimal returns because it’s been presented in the wrong context. Centered around the teachings of her book, "Obviously Awesome", April is here to set the record straight on the power of positioning and what methods you should use to do it right. Tune in to hear her expert advice, plus input on who should own positioning, how to navigate today’s overwhelming amount of data, and how you can found a successful company without reinventing the wheel.

How I Positioned That: Spotify's Head of Creator Brand & Product Marketing, Sam Duboff

Spotify fits the B2C category when it comes to their 345 million listeners, but it’s a whole other category when it comes to the creators pumping out their content. Sam operates on this B2B side, handling a large variety of personas for their brand and product marketing. Today he’s here to talk about how operations at Spotify are a little different than your typical B2B, as well as his 4 quadrant framework for successfully positioning new products and features.

How I Positioned That: Atlassian's Head of Product Marketing (Jira Align) Daniel Kuperman

Many product marketers have learned the hard way that there’s a difference between creating a great positioning statement and actually getting your internal teams to use it. In this episode, Daniel guides us through his approach to sales enablement, sharing the key tricks he uses for getting your sales team on script. Sometimes it starts with a single sales rep! We also touch upon various aspects of product portfolio management, including the pros and cons of consulting an outside agency.

How I Positioned That: Pluralsight's CMO, Lindsay Bayuk

When it comes to “training” vs. “learning”, which do you prefer? Lindsay noticed customers’ common answer was the latter, and her team pivoted Pluralsight's positioning as a “tech learning platform”. She was fulfilling the first of 4 pillars for positioning: Intelligence, or continuous research that informs all positioning decisions at the company. Tune in to hear about the other 3 pillars of positioning, as well as the 3 tier framework and the importance of establishing different customer personas.

How I Positioned That: Shopify's Director, Global GTM & Demand Generation, Tamara Niesen

Shopify has a wide range of customers, from people with no management experience starting up a business from their basement, to companies with hundreds of employees working across the globe. Couple that with a rapidly growing, constantly evolving market and you’ve got yourself quite the positioning challenge. In this episode, Tamara uses her experience helping launch Shopify Plus for enterprises to advise us on how to tackle this positioning beast. Tune in to hear her insider knowledge on what frameworks to follow, including remaining “merchant obsessed” and finding the “why” behind a less than successful product launch.

How I Positioned That: Airtable's Self-Serve Product Marketing Lead, Christy Roach

Christy is knee-deep in a positioning sprint at Airtable, making her the perfect person to learn from when it comes to shaping how your company’s product is perceived in the market. Good positioning is the merging of your company’s aspirations with what is possible today – easier said than done for PMMs trying to strike that balance. Daniel and Christy also discuss the confusion around the difference between positioning, messaging, and copy. Tune into this first episode of the mini-series to hear Christy correct common product positioning blunders and break down a positioning sprint from beginning to end.

How I Positioned That Mini Series hosted by Daniel J. Murphy

PMMs might not be able to own KPIs like leads, revenue or churn but we do own one critical component that has an enormous impact on every business metric: positioning. Great positioning isn’t just a key ingredient for marketing success, but the business itself. And yet we've found that there are very few resources to help B2B product marketers start sharp on positioning. Over the next 6 weeks Dan is taking over the podcast to interview 6 product marketing leaders about how they approach positioning, answering your burning questions surrounding best frameworks to use, testing positioning, and measuring impact.

Narrative Design with Dave Gerhardt, CMO at Privy

Marketing has become democratized in many ways. We are all working with similar (good) playbooks, and as a result every category has millions of technology solutions all shouting that they have the best product. So how does a company break free from the status quo and avoid drowning in the sea of lookalike solutions? In this episode, DG walks us through what he’s found to be a key element in overcoming this issue- compelling storytelling.

Segmentation for PMMs with Tamara Grominsky, VP Strategic Growth at Unbounce

We say segmentation, you think buyer persona. But how do we move away from this traditional flawed tactic and take a more data-driven, inclusive approach to customer insights? After all, we use these insights to help align each aspect of the business around the customer. In this episode, Tamara walks us through her model for optimal segmentation, including where to start, what kind of data to gather, and how to put it to use with tangible examples from her experience.

The Path to PMM with Lauren Barraco, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Sendoso

Given the cross functional nature of product marketing, there is no straight line when it comes to the career path to PMM. So how does one typically break into product marketing? What roles make for good product marketers? And what skills will be important to develop along the way? In this episode, Lauren uses her experience to break it all down for us.

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