DigitalOcean VP Product Marketing, Raman Sharma on Building a Product Marketing Team

Questions covered in this episode:

1:23 Opening Question: what's been your journey into and through product marketing?
4:15 What brought you to DigitalOcean and what does your current role encompass?
8:15 During the early stages how do you divide the work and handle all the requests while also handing some of the strategy?
11:33 How do you navigate all of those sometimes disparate priorities and get to a mutually agreed on one point of view?
14:59 How have you successfully developed bidirectional relationships with executives and other functional leaders across the business to achieve not only the goals of your group but drive momentum for the business?
18:19 How do you influence product decisions?
22:39 How have you worked on prioritizing framework and how have you effectively made those trade-offs?
25:51 How has building the product marketing function at DigitalOcean been a little bit different in your eyes than building product marketing at some of the other companies you've been a part of?
30:27 How do you think about getting into a more technical industry or company and specifically into product marketing?
33:16 Can you share one piece of insight that has served you well throughout your product marketing career?

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