Sahil Sethi, Former VP of Marketing at Klaviyo on Product-led Growth

"I define product marketing as a function which takes into account your market, your customer, and your product truths to drive go-to-market outcomes." -Sahil Sethi

Before he was a VP of Marketing at Klaviyo, Sahil Sethi spent incredibly valuable years with McKinsey, Microsoft, and Qualtrics, among other companies. 

In this episode, Jeffrey and Sahil tackle the topic of product-led growth (PLG), and challenge the idea of PLG and enterprise sales being polar opposites. 

We also talk about the ways that product-led and sales-led growth can coexist, and discuss the eternal question: Should PMs have influence over the product roadmap?

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Questions covered in this episode:
1. How did you get into product marketing?
2. Can you provide us with an overview of what product-led growth (PLG) is, how you've used it, and how it intersects with enterprise sales?
3. How have you structured your team around supporting PLG? How does structuring a team in a traditional PLG-first company differ from an enterprise company?
4. How much of a role do PMMs have in the customer journey in your experience?
5. How do you test your messaging with PLG?
6. How do you build a strong relationship between the product leader and product teams?
7. Should PMs have some influence over the product roadmap, in your opinion?
8. How have you operationalized the feedback loop between product marketing and development?
9. Are there any books or other reading material that you found especially 
impactful during your career as a product marketer and in your role as a leader? 2020 Sharebird 2020