Meta Head of Product Marketing, Girija Sathyamurthy on Stakeholder Management

Questions covered in this episode:
1:25 Opening Question: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your path into product marketing?
4:05 How you think about what is the metaverse in general and how you really look at it through a product marketing lens?
7:35 How is your product marketing team oriented?
12:18 Do you use any data for about prioritizing the roadmap with your product management colleagues?
14:55 How do you think about aligning with your counterparts, who are overseeing other divisions or other product lines and aligning strategy with them as well?
19:53 How do you get leaders all at once in a room and have and have discussions around?
21:26 How do you build your relationship with the broader executive leadership team?
25:03 Can you share one piece of insight that has served you well throughout your product marketing career?

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