Bitly VP PMM & Co-Founder / CEO of “Forget the Funnel” Georgiana Laudi on Customer Research

Questions covered in this episode:
1:25 Opening Question: What led Claire and you to start ‘Forget the Funnel’?
3:50 Can you talk a little bit about the book that is derived from your consultancy ‘Forget the Funnel’?
9:10 Where do you recommend even starting with customer research?
18:53 How you've taken the crawl, walk, run, run approach and learning from these insights what survey or interview methods that you've seen that work best?
26:16 How you think about then taking the segments that you're learning from prioritizing some segments versus maybe other segments, and then actually operationalizing that?
32:34 Who you think should be the champion of customer life growth internally within a company. Should it be maybe its own independent team? Should it be a part of an existing team?
36:50 Can just share one piece of insight that has served you well throughout your product marketing career?

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