Observable VP Marketing, LaShaun Williams on Release Marketing

Questions covered in this episode:
1:25 Opening Question: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your path into product marketing?
6:32 How you handle release marketing at Observable and how you think about organizing and planning for releases at your current company??
11:09 how did you work with leadership and your product team to kind of get that alignment initially upfront?
13:27 How you've thought about this and how you've even empowered product marketers on your team at observable?
18:37 How have you thought about as a manager, as a leader, how do you communicate that kind of across the org and up and down the org respectively as well? 
22:43 How you've kind of advised pmms on your teams respectively to address some areas that you've seen launches go wrong?
28:21 Can you share a little bit more about your journey, how you thought about it and how you actually took that or ather made the jump to being a PMM leader?
33:34 Can you share one piece of insight that has served you well throughout your product marketing career?

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