Breaking into Product Marketing with Naike Romain, Sr. PMM at Foursquare

How can you break into product marketing? I get that question a lot. Naike Romain did it with a ton of purpose and you can too. We chatted about her career path, how she thinks about product marketing, her advice on building a diverse team and much more.

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Question we cover in this episode: 
  1. Let’s start way back, when you were a kid, what did you want to do when you grew up? 
  2. What did you go to school for, when you were in school did you know you wanted to go into tech? 
  3. When did product marketing come on your radar? 
  4. How have past jobs and experiences helped you in product marketing?
  5. How did you learn the craft and build your skillset? 
  6. What sets you apart as a PMM? 
  7. What’s interesting about product marketing to you, as opposed to other marketing roles? 
  8. What's your advice for companies trying to build diverse teams? 
  9. What is your advice for people early in their careers looking to break into product marketing? 
  10. What’s your outlook on the career of Product Marketing? Is it a good place to be right now? 2020 Sharebird 2020