Product Marketing at a Hypergrowth Company (Stripe) with Krithika Muthukumar and Tanya Khakbaz, Product Marketing at Stripe

There are a lot of PMMS who understand MarTech but very few who know how to connect and reach developers. In this week's episode I interview not one, but TWO experts. Krithika Muthukumar, Marketing Team Lead and Tanya Khakbaz, Head of Product Marketing at Stripe both share their insights on Product Marketing at a Hyper Growth Company. Stripe has grown exponentially and is a great example of a company that succeeds in payments industry structure technology. It's a complicated product used by technical teams. They excel in product marketing and truly understand their persona and how to connect with them.
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Questions we cover on this episode:

1.     Tell me about Stripe - Krithika you’ve been there for 7 year, right? What is stripe all about and how are things going?

2.     So Stripe is not exactly sexy Martech or fancy consumer facing software, how do you describe it?

3.     How do you simplify technology like that? How do you understand it first of all, then how do you communicate it in a way that people will understand?

4.     What were the challenges in the early days? What was your focus? Especially as the only marketer, how did you prioritize?

5.     Tanya, you came in right as Stripe was hitting an inflection point of scale. How have you tackled that challenge and with the type of scale you all are at, what are the biggest challenges of your product marketing team?

8.     [Tanya] With a developer product, does Stripe value marketing? How do you earn that seat at the table? 

9.     What’s that next chapter of PMM at Stripe as you look ahead 2-3 years? 

11.  What skills does it take to be successful as a PMM at stripe?

12.  What’s your advice to other Product marketing leaders in industries that may be regulated or not that “interesting or sexy”?

13.  What’s your outlook on the career of Product Marketing? Is it a good place to be right now?

14.  What’s one nuance about the evolution of Product Marketing at a hyperscale company that you only know now because you understand it deeply? 2020 Sharebird 2020