Product Launches with Daniel J. Murphy, Director of Marketing at Privy

We've covered the topic of product launches before, but you know what, we'll cover it again because Product Launches are so core and important to being good at Product Marketing. In this week's episode Daniel J. Murphy of Privy, just coming down from the high of a launch earlier this week, shares tactical tips and an expert opinion for what makes for a successful product launch. Stay tuned and stay sharp.

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Questions we covered in this episode: 
  1. So I think you launched a product this week! Right? How’d it go? 
  2. So you worked at Drift for a little over two years. You and DG and others built out quite the brand and launch machine. I’d love to hear about that time. 
    • What did you guys get right? 
    • What did you get wrong? 
    • What are you most proud of from that time? 
  3. What’s Privy like? We know everyone is buying more online right now, but what’s happening in e-commerce? 
  4. Any favorite launch examples? 
  5. Why do a “launch” at all? What’s the point? 
  6. How often do you have a launch? 
  7. How does a well run launch operate? 
  8. How do you measure the results? 
  9. How do you keep momentum going post launch? 
  10. Things go wrong during launches, how do you deal with it in the moment? 
  11. Advice to someone early in their career about to take on their first product launch? 
  12. What's your outlook on the career of product marketing? 2020 Sharebird 2020