Working with Sales with Jeff Beckham, Head of Product & Content Marketing at Mixpanel

If you can build a really great working relationship with your sales team, it can be a huge boon for you and the company. If you help sales go bigger and faster, that's a direct tie to revenue and a great way to prove the value of product marketing, which sometimes is hard to do. Jeff, an expert at sales enablement, highlights the importance of allyship between PMM's and Sales teams.

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Questions we cover in this episode:
  1. Tell me about your career path to becoming a PMM? 
  2. So today we’re going to focus on working with sales and sales enablement. Working with sales can be tough, and for some PMMs it’s the worst part of the job. But you enjoy sales folks?! Why is that? 
  3. How do you work with sales, at a macro level what is the structure and what are your SLAs with them? 
  4. What kind of goals are you measuring enablement on?
  5. How do you balance solving for individual deals vs finding scale that will help the whole team? 
  6. Are you still creating broader positioning that turns into specific materials? 
  7. What does being close to sales do for you? How does it help you? 
  8. What type of content works best vs what hasn’t worked with your team? 
  9. How do you capture sales attention and make them care? 
  10. How do you build a great relationship with Sales leadership? 
  11. What’s the relationship between sales and product and what role do you play in that? 
  12. What’s something about enablement you had to learn the hard way?  
  13. What’s your outlook on the career of Product Marketing? 2020 Sharebird 2020