A Highlight of our Top 5 Episodes ever & Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for listening! To take a little break, we're doing a short episode that highlights our top 5 episodes ever. We'll be back next week with a new content!

Because it’s a holiday I wanted to take a break this week and hang with the fam, so we’re not doing an episode this week, but I still wanted to give you something to listen to. So I’m going to share the top 5 episodes of the podcast based on downloads, and tell you why I enjoyed that chat. Feel free to go back and listen or re-listen to those episodes. 

In reverse order of popularity.: 
  1. Pricing and Packaging with Chris Mills, VP of Product Marketing at SalesLoft 
  2. Messaging with Kevin Garcia, Director of Product Marketing, Segment 
  3. Product Launches with Mary Sheehan, Head of Product Marketing at Adobe 
  4. Product Positioning with April Dunford, Author of Obv!ously Awesome 
  5. Brand & Product Marketing with Diana Smith, Director of Brand & Product Marketing at Twilio.org 
  6. The Product Marketing Career Path, with Teresa Haun, Director PMM, Zendesk 744
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