Let's Talk Revenue with Robin Pam, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Optimizely

"Too often we are fixated in product marketing on getting the next launch out the door, but how can we get off the launch treadmill and actually drive revenue for the business?" - This week's guest summed up this episode really well! Tune into talk money money money.

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Questions we cover in this episode: 
  1. I’d love to hear about your journey at Optimizely, you’ve been there for over 6 years and have gone from IC to Sr. Director, what's that been like? 
  2. So like I said in the intro, awesome topic to dive into today - why is, getting closer to revenue, something you’re so passionate about? 
  3. When you figure it out, when you know how product marketing impacts revenue what does that do you for you and your team? 
  4. Lets talk about the launch treadmill, how does that happen. Why does our work become reactive like that? 
  5. How do you get off it? If the treadmill is moving really fast? 
  6. What are the best ways to measure success so it ties to revenue? 
  7. This can happen with sales too, how do you pull back from chasing sales needs and get more strategic and tied to revenue? 
  8. Are their specific tools you used to help? 
  9. What mistakes are people going to make, trying to get more strategic? 
  10. Anything you want to share with listeners? 
  11. What’s your outlook on the career of Product Marketing? Is it a good place to be right now?
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