Market Research and Personas with Agustina Sacerdote, Product Marketing Lead at Square

The market and your product are core to being successful as a PMM. When you're good at this, you really command knowledge and power. No one in the company is better situated to know that intersection of where the product, customer, and market meet. This week's expert, Agustina Sacerdote of Square is personally invested in her work. In this interview you’ll hear her passion for research and the hands-on approach that she takes.

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Questions we cover in this episode:
  1. Tell me about your career path to becoming a PMM? 
  2. What are the areas PMMs should be experts in? 
  3. How do you go about acquiring that info? 
  4. What does this look like at Square? 
  5. How do you record and codify that knowledge? 
  6. How do you think about personas? 
  7. How is a good one structured? 
  8. Issues with personas? 
  9. What teams should use that research and how? 
  10. What are the top issues you face when rolling out research or personas? How do you tackle them? 
  11. Where do people go wrong with research? What does bad personas look like or what mistakes have you had to overcome? 
  12. What’s your outlook on the career of Product Marketing? 2020 Sharebird 2020