PLG and Self Serve Products with Christy Roach, Self-Serve Product Marketing Lead at Airtable

New go-to-market models are disrupting B2B right now. Will PLG and self service replace you? Or is it an opportunity to take advantage of? Self serve products allow the customer to discover, try, and use your product without any human interaction. People love this, but what is the role of marketing at this type of company? How does it differ or face unique challenges? This week's expert, Christy of Airtable, breaks it down for us.

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Questions we cover in this episode: 
  1. Tell me about your career path to becoming a PMM?
  2. Airtable is a really interesting company, you’re product led, and encourage a self-service, bottoms up approach to growth and adoption. Is that right? Tell me more, what does all that mean, how do things work at Airtable? 
  3. So you lead “self-serve” product marketing at Airtable, what does that mean? 
  4. Do you think this is a larger trend? That product led companies like Airtable are the future? 
  5. What does the larger marketing team look like? What teams are there? How many pmms? 
  6. How is product marketing at Airtable different than at a more traditional enterprise saas company? 
    • What don’t you do? 
    • Where do you focus your energy? 
  7. How do you do in-app marketing or messaging? 
  8. What do product launches look like? 
  9. What teams do you partner closest with? 
  10. What’s something most companies get wrong when trying to be product led? 
  11. What’s your outlook on the career of Product Marketing? Is it a good place to be right now? 2020 Sharebird 2020