Working Remote for PMMs with Sara Rosso, Director of Global Product Marketing at CloudBlue

For the last year or so we’ve all been part of this massive experiment where suddenly we’ve found ourselves working 100% remote. It's likely when things get back to "normal" a lot of this will stick. This week’s expert, Sara, shares how we can remain productive, communicate effectively, and maybe even thrive in a distributed remote world.. We also talk about building a long-term culture and maintaining psychological safety amidst our remote environments.

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Questions we cover in this episode: 
  1. Tell me about your career path to becoming a PMM? 
  2. So you did you Sharebird AMA on how product marketing works at Remote companies? What’s your experience working with remote companies? 
  3. We’re all remote now, but are their noticeable differences in a 100% distributed company? 
  4. What are the biggest challenges or things you don't like as much? 
  5. How did you all organize product launches? 
  6. How do you onboard and build relationships with new team members? 
  7. How do you build relationships and create excitement for campaigns? 
  8. How do you work with products and build those relationships? 
  9. How do you deliver a good pitch or narrative virtually? 
  10. So the vaccine is rolling out, what do you think the future of work will look like? 
  11. What’s your outlook on the career of Product Marketing? Is it a good place to be right now? 2020 Sharebird 2020