Segmentation for PMMs with Tamara Grominsky, VP Strategic Growth at Unbounce

We say segmentation, you think buyer persona. But how do we move away from this traditional flawed tactic and take a more data-driven, inclusive approach to customer insights? After all, we use these insights to help align each aspect of the business around the customer. In this episode, Tamara walks us through her model for optimal segmentation, including where to start, what kind of data to gather, and how to put it to use with tangible examples from her experience.
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Questions covered in this episode:
  1. How’d you get into product marketing? 
  2. What is segmentation?
  3. Why should you do it?
  4. Why does it work? 
  5. Why can it be applied? How does it come to life? 
  6. how can a PMM lead this exercise at their own company?
  7. What kind of tools do I need to do this well? 
  8. What teams do I partner with? 
  9. What does good look like how do I measure it? 
  10. What mistakes do people make? 
  11. How can people learn more about this? 
  12. What’s your outlook on the career of product marketing? 2020 Sharebird 2020