Narrative Design with Dave Gerhardt, CMO at Privy

Marketing has become democratized in many ways. We are all working with similar (good) playbooks, and as a result every category has millions of technology solutions all shouting that they have the best product. So how does a company break free from the status quo and avoid drowning in the sea of lookalike solutions? In this episode, DG walks us through what he’s found to be a key element in overcoming this issue- compelling storytelling.
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Questions covered in this episode:

1. Why do so many B2B technology companies look and sound the same? 
2. What is the company story - what does that mean to you? Like a mission statement? 
3. Why design a narrative, why invest in this today as a CEO or CMO? 
4. How is product marketing involved, how do you and Dan your Director of Product Marketing work together on this? 
5. Let’s say you’ve built an amazing product, and that is going to be how I win. Do I still have to do this? 
6. How do you work on the story? What’s the collaboration between the CEO and CMO look like - are there others in the development? 
7. How does a great company story come to life? What’s important to get right? 
8. Why does the old way vs the new work so well in a story? 
9. So Drift invented Conversational Marketing - was the goal always to create a category? Or was it more just about having a new story? 
10. A lot of people now also do Conversational marketing - you had to know that would happen, is that a scary thing? Are you helping those companies? 
11. Your companies always have a clear identity, people know who you are what you care about. Is this a result of that strong story? 
12. How does that create an advantage? 
13. How do you build a voice to get attention in social? 
14. What’s going on with DGMG and the vault? What things are changing? 2020 Sharebird 2020