Evolution of the PMM Role with Francis Larkin, VP of Marketing at Clockwise

As your company evolves, so does your role as product marketer. At an early stage startup, your goal is to find product-market fit and distribution channels that will help reach target customers in a sustainable manner. At a late-stage company, your focus steers towards expanding into new markets. And then it varies widely for every stage in between. Tune into this episode where Francis uses his experience to break it down for us and help identify your potential sweet spot.
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Questions covered in this episode:
1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role?
2. You've held a number of product marketing roles. Tell us about what product marketing should look like in an early stage company?
3. As a company evolves, maybe series B, or C, what does product marketing look like and how does it change from the earlier days? What skills do leaders, or senior members of the team need to relearn or focus on as the company grows?
4. How about when a company IPOs or is public, what does product marketing look like and how does it change?
5. Can you tell me a bit about why you decided to make this leap into an overall marketing leadership role?
6. What skills should we all be thinking about in order to transition to general marketing?
7. What do you think of the career path for product marketers?
8. A number of leaders believe product marketing will come to own brand marketing, or that brand marketing will merge with product marketing. What do you think?
9. As you've now taken over leading marketing, what are some of your key priorities in the coming months? What trends or resources are you paying attention to that we all should be aware of?
10. What's one or two books you've read recently that have had an impact on you?

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