Product Launch Strategy with Grace Kuo, Director of Product Marketing at Udemy

Product marketers are the quarterback of the product launch, but even the best PMMs can’t throw the ball and catch it themselves; it takes a team effort and lots of planning. In this week’s episode, we’ll touch upon the specifics of product launch strategy- how to keep your cross functional teams informed, prioritize over the long term, and bundle launches all while keeping your customer’s perspective at the forefront.
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Questions covered in this episode:
1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Udemy?
2. As product marketing leaders, we need to build credibility with so many other groups such as product, demand gen, customer marketing, and more. How do you do this effectively, and how does your team build upon this for launches?
3. How do you and the team at Udemy think about quarterly or yearly planning and how do launches fit into that?
4. Does product marketing drive content or market themes that the broader marketing team should be focused on?
5. With planning, how do you and your team prepare for launches and execute them cross-functionally?
6. Can you tell us about what kind of internal marketing you do in the lead-up, and during a launch?
7. Talk us through the week or two leading up to a major launch. What does that look like for you and your team?
8. Do you have any memories or lessons you've learned recently from a launch that went well? Or didn't go according to plan?
9. What are the check-in milestones you as a leader setup to ensure your team is on the right track?
10. Are there any books you've read, or maybe podcasts you've listened to recently that have taught you new things? 2020 Sharebird 2020