B2C Product Marketing with Mike Polner, Global Head of Product Marketing, Uber Eats

A deep dive into B2C Marketing with Global Head of Product Marketing at Uber Eats Mike Polner. Mike's done both B2B and B2C and helps us breakdown what B2B marketers can learn from B2C and much much more.

  1. What's it been like working at Uber Eats through this pandemic? 
  2. How are B2B and B2C similar, different, and what can B2B learn from B2C? Product led growth, and the consumerization of software. 
  3. Why do B2B marketers fall into the trap of being overly corporate and dry? 
  4. Why marketing should be "fun" and why the best marketers take risks. 
  5. What Mike learned from Nikki Neuburger at Nike
  6. What skills do you need to be a great B2C marketer? 
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