Competitive Intelligence with Leah Brite, Head of Product Marketing, Core Product at Gusto

Knowing your competitors is not only important for selling more effectively, but it allows you to verify if you’re achieving differentiation in the market. In this episode, Leah lays out how her team effectively handles the 3 different competitive intelligence programs running at Gusto. She’ll also cover how to enable your internal teams with the information you’re gathering. Because it’s one thing to know the competition, but it’s another thing to actually use that info to implement change within your company.
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Questions covered in this episode:
1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Gusto?
2. How do you and the product marketing team at Gusto handle competitive intelligence? Do you have dedicated people for it, or is it a part of what every PMM is doing?
3. How do you keep track of key competitors in your space?
4. What reporting (if any) do you provide internally on competitive win rates or details about losses?
5. How do you and the PMM team at Gusto learn and drive change throughout the organization with competitive intelligence?
6. Competitive intelligence is important for product marketing teams to own and drive, yet there's also a danger in following competitors too closely. How do you prevent it at Gusto?
7. Based on the intelligence you're gathering, how do you enable your sales and CS teams around competitors?
8. Are there any assets you've found really helpful (or not helpful at all)?
9. Especially in a time when everyone is remote and spread out, how do you communicate these updates and ensure everyone internally is on the same page?
10. As a leader, how do you ensure that your team is balancing their time on competitive intelligence and all the other priorities that product marketers have?
11. Are there any books or podcasts you've listened to recently that have impacted you or your career? 2020 Sharebird 2020