Building a Customer-Centric Narrative with Alex Gammelgard, Sr. Director Go-To-Market Strategy at ActiveCampaign

Since Alex joined ActiveCampaign as their Senior Director of Go-To-Market, the hypergrowth company has gained 50,000 new customers. At this point, the product story they told their early adopters will not resonate with this new, late-stage majority in the same way. Like any company, even if the product hasn’t changed, the messaging needs to evolve as the customer base evolves. In this episode, Alex will break down how they’ve adapted their customer-centric narrative to keep up with and fuel their continued growth.
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Questions covered in this episode:
1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at ActiveCampaign?
2. How do you and the product marketing team at ActiveCampaign think about storytelling?
3. When you think about telling a new story or working on a narrative, where do you start?
4. When that narrative is drafted, how do you refine and revise it to ensure it resonates with customers and the market?
5. How do you ensure your narratives are focused on the customer or buyer?
6. What storytelling framework does your team use at ActiveCampaign? 
7. Once you've created a story, how do you measure it's success?
8. As a leader, how do you coach your team on stories? 
9. Are there any narratives you really admire out in the market?
10. ActiveCampaign positions the company around Customer Experience Automation. What went into the decision behind that? We hear a lot about customer experience today, so how did you decide on this category?
11. Are there any books or podcasts you've listened to recently that have impacted you or your career? 2020 Sharebird 2020