Product Positioning with April Dunford, Author of Obv!ously Awesome

April Dunford, product positioning expert, and I dive deep into the craft of product positioning. We cover her book, the role product marketers, can and should play, why positioning statements suck, why great positioning is the underpinning of great marketing ad much more.

April Dunford, Startup market strategy + positioning. Author - Obviously Awesome. Connect with her here:

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Questions we covered in this episode:
  1. How did April develop her positioning skills? (3:19)
  2. How did she develop her method? (10:33) 
  3. Examples of positioning in the wild (13:10) 
  4. Product Marketers as Market Managers (19:50) 
  5. We bash positioning statements for awhile (20:53) 
  6. Positioning as the underpinning of marketing (27:37) 
  7. Ways to enter a market? (30:27) 
  8. What April is working on next (40:00) 
  9. Sourdough starters (42:04) 2020 Sharebird 2020