Taking Products to Market with Grammarly's Head of Product Marketing, Natala Menezes

In this week’s episode Natala and Jeffrey are talking all about product launches. How do you make the magic happen while getting the organization excited and aligned? It’s not just about storytelling and designing a great narrative for your product, rather it’s creating a product that delivers on those items. Tune in to hear how to create a distinctive narrative and story in a competitive landscape, what it means to “work backwards”, and how to conquer any divisions and fractions amongst teams by serving as the “glue” to repair. Also, Grammarly is hiring. So be sure to check out their available positions!

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Questions covered in this interview:
  1. Tell me about your career path to becoming a PMM? 
  2. What’s your outlook on the career of Product Marketing? Is it a good place to be right now? 
  3. What’s one nuance about Product Launches that you only know now because you understand it deeply? Around doing it effectively.
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