Working with Product with Dan Laufer, Head of Growth & Product Marketing at Nextdoor

Dan Laufer of Nextdoor and I dive deep into working with product. How do you build a rock solid foundation with your product team? Work through disagreements? Partner on the product roadmap? And overall succeed as a joint team focused on the growth and health of your product or product line? And much more.

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Questions we covered in this episode:
  1. How do you add value to PMs and the product team? 
  2. How do you build a good relationship with Product? 
  3. How do you partner with them on the product roadmap? 
  4. How should customer feedback play a role in roadmap development? 
  5. At what point should PMMs come into the product development process? 
  6. What if you disagree on the approach to a feature or tool? 
  7. Where should PMM report into, product or marketing? 2020 Sharebird 2020