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Working Remote for PMMs with Sara Rosso, Director of Global Product Marketing at CloudBlue

For the last year or so we’ve all been part of this massive experiment where suddenly we’ve found ourselves working 100% remote. It's likely when things get back to "normal" a lot of this will stick. This week’s expert, Sara, shares how we can remain productive, communicate effectively, and maybe even thrive in a distributed remote world.. We also talk about building a long-term culture and maintaining psychological safety amidst our remote environments.

Product Led Growth with Jessica Webb, Product Marketing Senior Team Lead at Trello (Atlassian)

In this week’s episode we’re continuing to explore the question - what is the role of product marketing in a company who focuses on PLG and self-service? It’s very likely that PLG will be the future of how we do business and I think it’s a huge learning opportunity for the craft of PMM. Tune in to hear more about what this means and how your team can adapt to this new go-to-market model.

PLG and Self Serve Products with Christy Roach, Self-Serve Product Marketing Lead at Airtable

New go-to-market models are disrupting B2B right now. Will PLG and self service replace you? Or is it an opportunity to take advantage of? Self serve products allow the customer to discover, try, and use your product without any human interaction. People love this, but what is the role of marketing at this type of company? How does it differ or face unique challenges? This week's expert, Christy of Airtable, breaks it down for us.

PMM First 90 Days with JD Prater, Head of Product Marketing at Amazon AWS Startups

In this week’s episode, we’re discussing PMM onboarding in the first 90 days. What does the PMM 30/60/90 look like? It’s a time of learning, absorbing new knowledge and a time that when well utilized, sets up a foundation for success. The first 90 days are an opportunity to start deeply understanding the product, the market and the customer. Tune in to hear what you should be doing and thinking about to make the most of this time. 

The Art of Writing with Meghan Keaney Anderson, CMO at Wanderlust Group

"I write almost entirely to find out what I'm thinking" -Joan Didion Have you ever thought of product marketers as translators? You are creating a narrative that is being translated from the product organization to the sales team, and eventually to the outside audience. So how do you simplify the complex? This week’s expert, Meghan, challenges PMMs to see writing not just as a bonus, but as an essential part of the PMM role.

Building Out a Product Marketing Team with Thomas Dong, VP of Product Marketing at Heap

Product marketing is an exciting and emerging career, but isn't always a role that is included early on in companies. This week’s expert, Thomas, is currently working on building out his PMM team and shares his perspective on the steps he's taking to make this happen. Tune in to hear what he is doing to build a strong team that will focus on GTM strategy, positioning, messaging, content, sales enablement, and product launches.

Pricing for Growth and Profitability with Yannick Kpodar, Global Director, Product Marketing at PayFit

In this episode we’re diving deep into pricing and packaging on a global scale. PMM’s are so well positioned to own pricing and packaging and when you have a strong point of view combined with the tools to figure out profitability, that is a huge value add to your arsenal of skills and your company. 

Market Research and Personas with Agustina Sacerdote, Product Marketing Lead at Square

The market and your product are core to being successful as a PMM. When you're good at this, you really command knowledge and power. No one in the company is better situated to know that intersection of where the product, customer, and market meet. This week's expert, Agustina Sacerdote of Square is personally invested in her work. In this interview you’ll hear her passion for research and the hands-on approach that she takes.

Cross-Functional Work with Natalie Louie, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Zuora

I like to say that a great product marketer is a cross-functional momentum maker. We align groups, ideas, and enable separate teams with different goals to get energized and focused on the product. To make cross-functional work possible, we have to build strong relationships across the company. You have to know how the machine works to invoke, influence, and motivate others, but how? Tune in to hear this week’s expert, Natalie Louie of Zuora, break it down for us.

Let's Talk Revenue with Robin Pam, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Optimizely

"Too often we are fixated in product marketing on getting the next launch out the door, but how can we get off the launch treadmill and actually drive revenue for the business?" - This week's guest summed up this episode really well! Tune into talk money money money.

Solutions Marketing with Jon Rooney, SVP Product & Solutions Marketing at New Relic

In this week's episode we're diving deep into solutions marketing and where it meets product marketing. Solutions marketing might seem like a new thing, but it's been around for a pretty long time. Jon and I discuss where it's at today and why we are seeing it paired with product marketing teams.

A Highlight of our Top 5 Episodes ever & Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for listening! To take a little break, we're doing a short episode that highlights our top 5 episodes ever. We'll be back next week with a new content!

Working with Sales with Jeff Beckham, Head of Product & Content Marketing at Mixpanel

If you can build a really great working relationship with your sales team, it can be a huge boon for you and the company. If you help sales go bigger and faster, that's a direct tie to revenue and a great way to prove the value of product marketing, which sometimes is hard to do. Jeff, an expert at sales enablement, highlights the importance of allyship between PMM's and Sales teams.

Global and Remote Product Marketing with Susan J. Park, Head of Product Marketing, Global Gaming Ads at Facebook

In this week’s episode we do a deep dive into the ever-growing global economy and how working remotely is impacting us as product marketers. For many of us, working from home is a newer phenomenon, but for Susan working remotely is something she’s been doing for almost a decade! She’s learned a lesson or two that you'll certainly want to hear whether you're accustomed to remote life or looking for ways to improve. She believes it all starts with your team.

Developing Your Product Marketing Career with Madeline Ng, Head of Marketing at Google Maps

Product Marketing is a unique career that attracts many people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. In this week's episode I sit down with Madeline Ng of Google Maps to hear her journey into becoming a successful product marketer. Whether you're looking to break into the role or advance your career, you won't want to miss this one. 

Product Launches with Daniel J. Murphy, Director of Marketing at Privy

We've covered the topic of product launches before, but you know what, we'll cover it again because Product Launches are so core and important to being good at Product Marketing. In this week's episode Daniel J. Murphy of Privy, just coming down from the high of a launch earlier this week, shares tactical tips and an expert opinion for what makes for a successful product launch. Stay tuned and stay sharp.

Managing Tense Stakeholder Relationships with Sunny Manivannan, VP Product Marketing at Braze

"It's much easier to walk out of a meeting feeling like everyone likes you." Most of us would agree with this statement, right? In this episode, Sunny Manivannan of Braze challenges us to not be afraid to fail. He gives tactical advice on how to make us better Product Marketers and ultimately do what is going to make both you and the company better.

Creating The Product Marketing Function at Your Company with Jeffrey Vocell, Director of Product Marketing at Iterable

This one's for all you CEO's and CMO's out there who don't have a product marketing team currently, but have realized that you need one and are trying to figure out how to approach the problem. Having a strong product marketing team will give your company an identity. It'll make it more product driven, help you execute world-class products launches solidify your unique position in the market, multiply the impact of your sales and marketing team, and so much more. But where do you start with building out this team? In this episode, Jeffrey Vocell of Iterable breaks it down for us.

Product Marketing at a Hypergrowth Company (Stripe) with Krithika Muthukumar and Tanya Khakbaz, Product Marketing at Stripe

There are a lot of PMMS who understand MarTech but very few who know how to connect and reach developers. In this week's episode I interview not one, but TWO experts. Krithika Muthukumar, Marketing Team Lead and Tanya Khakbaz, Head of Product Marketing at Stripe both share their insights on Product Marketing at a Hyper Growth Company. Stripe has grown exponentially and is a great example of a company that succeeds in payments industry structure technology. It's a complicated product used by technical teams. They excel in product marketing and truly understand their persona and how to connect with them.

Pricing and Packaging with Chris Mills, VP of Product Marketing at SalesLoft

Pricing and packaging are obviously critical to a business, but it’s tricky to know how to approach it. In this week’s interview, I sit down with Chris Mills of SalesLoft. Chris shares invaluable advice that will leave you feeling confident and improve how you approach this topic.

Product Launches with Mary Sheehan, Head of Product Marketing at Adobe (Part 2)

There's just no other single effort that really unites your entire company like a product launch. Product launches create alignment, motivate products, push marketing, inspire sales and dazzle the market. When done well, they generate more revenue than any other marketing strategy that your team can pull off. In this week's episode Mary Sheehan of Adobe and I dive deep into her experience and successful product launches. There was so much good content here that our interview is broken into two parts. If you haven't already, be sure to listen to part one of this episode and join us here to continue the conversation with Mary.

Product Launches with Mary Sheehan, Head of Product Marketing at Adobe (Part 1)

There's just no other single effort that really unites your entire company like a product launch. Product launches create alignment, motivate products, push marketing, inspire sales and dazzle the market. When done well, they generate more revenue than any other marketing strategy that your team can pull off. In this week's episode Mary Sheehan of Adobe and I dive deep into her experience and successful product launches. There was so much good content here that our interview is broken into two parts. Today’s episode is part one. Stay tuned for part two next week!

Working with Product with April Rassa, Head of Product Marketing at HackerOne

April and I discuss everything that can go wrong for Product Marketing when working with product, why it happens, and how you can fix it. Another great episode for anyone looking to strengthen the foundational bound between product and marketing.

Brand & Product Marketing with Diana Smith, Director of Brand & Product Marketing at Twilio.org

A deep dive into the intersection of brand and product marketing with one of the best, Diana Smith of Twilio.org and formerly Director of Product Marketing at Segment.

Breaking into Product Marketing with Naike Romain, Sr. PMM at Foursquare

How can you break into product marketing? I get that question a lot. Naike Romain did it with a ton of purpose and you can too. We chatted about her career path, how she thinks about product marketing, her advice on building a diverse team and much more.

Brand Strategy with Anthony Kennada, Chief Marketing Officer at Front

Anthony Kennada (CMO Front) and I sit down to dissect brand, category creation, and the role product marketers play in both. Anthony shared really interesting insights into the challenges PMMs face, why companies need to be focused on people before products, his time at Gainsight, and what he's working on at Front.

Consumer Psychology, with Phill Agnew, Director of Product Marketing at Brandwatch

A deep dive into the concepts of consumer psychology and how they can be applied to product marketing. Our guest Phill Agnew believe strongly that marketing shouldn't be so much of an "art" and that we can apply the known science of consumer psychology to our work. And after talking to him a gotta say I agree. It's time for PMMs to go behind gut feel and start using science to build a case for why our work matters so much.

Product Led Growth with Eric Keating, VP of Marketing at Appcues

Is your company going product led? What does that mean for you as a product marketer? What role should PMMs play in PLG companies? How do you work with sales or not? Lots to unpack in this episode with PLG expert Eric Keating, VP of Marketing at Appcues.

Interviewing for a PMM Role with Abdul Rastagar, Director at TalkDesk

Landing a job in product marketing can be hard. There is a lot to learn, everyone does it differently, and you may need to do a lot of interviews before you find the one. One thing most people overlook is the actual interview itself. Some people are naturally good at interviewing, so aren't. And if you aren't it can cost you. Interviewing is a skill, and one that can be taught. In this episode we break it down.

Working with Product with Dan Laufer, Head of Growth & Product Marketing at Nextdoor

Dan Laufer of Nextdoor and I dive deep into working with product. How do you build a rock solid foundation with your product team? Work through disagreements? Partner on the product roadmap? And overall succeed as a joint team focused on the growth and health of your product or product line? And much more.

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